UC BROWSER is a well-known browser that has been used on mobile phones for years; more now that it is available for computers, that is, for Windows. It is very similar to Google Chrome, but it has some additional options and can be customized. This browser that is now available for PC, has quality themes and shares Wi-Fi connection. It also allows synchronization with the UC Browser application. On this page you will learn how to download free uc browser 2017.



Unfortunately, each and every one of these products have their cons, in this case we can only say initially that comparatively with Google Chrome, it does not have major changes. The good thing about this browser is that it can be downloaded from several Internet sites, there is no need to be logging through many pages to find it. One of those sites is precisely Softonic, the most recommended download page to be done with this browser.

On the other hand, your license is free, we will not have that problem to buy it after having used it for a while. It works on computers that have Windows XP, which means that it is not a browser that demands too much memory or anything like that and is not heavy; If it works with XP, it works with W7, 8 and all others. It is also available for iPHone, Android, Blackberry (although the latter is archaic in most countries).


It is a browser, which only in Softonic, has obtained 133K downloads so far, of course, the vast majority of them for smartphones, not so much for computers. On how to download it for PC and for smartphones and the different types of mobiles, we will talk in more detail later. The UC Browser is available in Spanish and the most common version (or the most downloaded) is 6.0.1807.1000 at the moment.

As we were saying, it is a much more common browser on mobiles than on computers, although downloads to computers increased to some extent. One of the reasons why users prefer it is its size, yes, it weighs almost nothing, 1.35 MB, which is equal to just under 1400KB. Its developer is UCWe and is part of that huge list of Chromium-based browsers, which explains its similarity to Google Chrome.

It is possible that because it looks like Google Chrome, users decide to download it on their phones, taking into account that it is not heavy and that, as we said before, it has additional features (maybe this aspect gives it an extra). Another important point to note is that although it looks like Chrome, it has an engine to access pages as if it were Internet Explorer. We could call this a combination of features.


UC Browser borrows extensions from Chrome, in fact, you can install them directly from Chrome. This means that it is compatible with a large number of extensions of that browser, but be careful because not all. On the other hand, one of the added or extra features of UC Browser is UC Free Wifi, which allows you to share your internet connection with the phone (or with whatever you want) thus creating a virtual access point or navigation. Naming some points in favor of this browser, we see that Windows UC Browser blocks advertising using AdBlock lists. However, you must activate this function manually since it is not activated by default. UC Browser has not lagged behind with respect to its own customization. It has changed its appearance lately and gives you the option to change the subject quickly, which is one of its most outstanding features. Now you can download YouTube videos using this browser from your Android.


As we had pointed out before, the most recommended site to download is Softonic. Just enter this page and we will see a green button that says Download Free safely. Right there we click and another page will open with similar options in case the download has not started. If you are a cybernaut, you will know that all downloads work via Softonic.

If you want to download UC Browser Mini for Android, the best place for that is Uptodown. The page currently offers UC Browser 10.7.6, and just as Softonic does, it has reviews or the comments of the most prominent users, with which you can make an evaluation or weighting them to make a decision at the time of the discharge. Anyway, uptodown works just like Softonic, there isn’t much to explain about this download site.

And the third site although not undervalued (we put it third, by popularity but it may seem somewhat unfair) is the website of the browser ucbrowser.

There are the three download options, three good alternatives to make us with this good browser safely and without being afraid of infecting the PC or the mobile device from viruses or any other malware on the web.


To start, if you have doubts about how to download it to your computer or Smartphone, you can go to YouTube where there are several explanatory tutorials on how to download the application without any inconvenience. More; We will briefly explain in this article how to download, it is not difficult, and it is only a matter of following a few instructions.
If you have Android, it must be Android 2.2 onwards (important data), since UC Browser is not compatible with a lower capacity Android system. Basically, once downloaded the file on your Android from some sites above, you just have to look for it in the folder of your Smartphone where you saved it, select it and wait for the exe file to be installed. In the case of Windows; we enter some of the download pages, and select download. Once we have done it, it will leave us an .exe file which we must execute on the pc. Like any other executable file, it gives us the option of how and where we should save it, in this case we give Yes to everything and that’s it. The installation is super fast and you shouldn’t take two minutes on that.

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